There is a need to keep up with the growing demand for natural, delicious foods. The high demands for such foods have posed a huge challenge even for professional product developers. You can get natural flavors from During the processing of foods and drinks, there are several factors that influence the final flavor. Some of these factors include temperature, packaging, processing time, and natural flavor degradation.

tgedfc6hed82wei9k2Nowadays, there are many natural flavor ingredients available. It becomes difficult to know the types of ingredients that work best. It is advisable to consider the specific formulation when choosing the flavors. With several options, choosing a natural flavor is quite confusing. You should note that natural flavors are obtained from a wide range of spices, seeds, herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

Types of flavors


These are alcohol-derived and are quite useful in many applications. The fact that they are water-soluble means that they allow easy incorporation during processing. Since they are alcohol-based, these extracts lose potency whenever they are heated.

Essential oils and oleoresins

These are oil-based. Thus, they are extracted through expression and distillation. They start where the extraction process stops in heated application. They can be added to baked products. Naturally-derived oleoresins and oils have a lot of flavors. However, you should avoid overusing them as the can become bitter in the finished products.

Flavor enhancers

When a product lacks flavor, natural flavor enhancers help elevate and improve it. They are rich in natural glutamates and can be used in combination with other flavor ingredients to improve sensation. For instance, flavored yeast extracts are great sources that enhance foods such as chips, nuts, and crackers. They can also provide savory with meats, sauces, and vegetables. They are made through a fermentation process.


tg2wedf6hedc87uwed98ik22These are flavor extracts that float on water. Water acts as a neutral carrier that does not impart flavor nor does it evaporate easily as compared to alcohol whenever exposed to the heat. Thus, they provide more sustained flavor. This explains why they are widely in baked products and confections. They can also be used for beverage applications. However, the high water content explains why they are not ideal to flavor hard candy and chocolate.

Flavor maskers

You may have seen a huge demand for healthy foods. There is an increased need for the flavorings which alter off notes and bitterness. These types of flavors are very common in the food processing industry to modify, enhance, or mask a flavor. In fact, they are used in low sugar foods, low sodium foods, and meal replacement shakes.

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