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products made of progressive stamping

Progressive die stamping is an important process that is used by many industries and offers a wide range of applications. In this post, you will learn about progressive stamping process and how it can benefit your products.

What is Progressive Die Stamping?

complex canThis is a metal forming process that can help create parts for various industries. Usually, the progressive dies are used in high-volume production and components engineered to work at high rates of speed. The dies for this particular method are made from tool steel. Thus, they can endure shock loading, resist abrasive forces, and maintain a precise cutting edge. Metals used in this process include brass, stainless steel, steel, copper, and aluminum.

This manufacturing technique incorporates various metal modification techniques that include coining, punching, and bending. A feeding system accompanies the modification techniques. If you need a large volume of parts and want to keep manufacturing costs low, then this is the right method for you.

Benefits of Progressive Stamping Process

Increased Production Speed

The fact that the process utilizes continuous feed for the given material, it becomes easy to produce a lot of parts quickly. This method is suited to a company that wants to produce at large volume at minimal cost.

Faster Setup

This method reduces the setup time as compared to other modes such as machining and fabrication. For instance, with traditional fabrication, you may take several days to produce what can be produced by progressive stamping in a single cycle.

Reduction of Scrap Metal

There are different methodologies that you can use to manipulate your material such as bending, coining, and punching. When these methodologies are used, the scrap metal is reduced.

Increased Geometries for Parts

This technique is useful at producing different parts with various geometries.

Low cost

As a result of these aspects, this technique provides the lowest cost per part. Thus, it helps your operations to achieve optimal efficiency.

Wide Range of Applications

tin canAs a result of impressive versatility, this manufacturing process can be utilized by different industries. The common industries include appliances, electronics, home care, aerospace, food and beverage, retail, and office. Some of the popular products made through this technique include beverage cans and brake calipers. The truth is that there are thousands of products made through a progressive die process.…


Photo booths have gained popularity over time among many people. This is because of the many benefits of having these photo booths at your event. For instance, having a photo booth at your birthday party will ensure your guests remain entertained as they wait for the event to begin. Similarly, photo booths will help your guests to capture memories of the event in the best way possible because they will be able to print photos. If you wish to get photo booths for hire for your event. There are several photo booth providers out there but choosing one with the best photo booths and services can be difficult. However, worry not because in this article we take you through some of the ways you will use to identify the best providers.

Ask for referrals

One of the ways you can get a reliable photo booth providers is through making consultations. You can ask forregdsh recommendations from friends and the people close to you. For instance, if your friend had an event with photo booths, you can ask for referrals where the individual got the booths from. This is only applicable if you liked the manner in which the photo booths were designed and availed in the event. The good thing about getting recommendations is that you will be able to have an understanding of the kind services you will receive.

Look at the portfolios

You will also be able to identify a suitable photo booth provider by asking for portfolios of the work that the provider has given to its clients before. The collections should show the various designs and styles of photo booths. Going through photo booth portfolios will help decide whether you will have the services of the boot providers.

Check on the reviews

gvcbxnLooking at the reviews that the provider has received from previous customers will help in selecting the best photo booth provider. You should look at the number of positive reviews that the company has received. If the provider has received many positive reviews, such a company will be a good option for you. Positive reviews will imply that the customer liked the services they received from the provider.

Consider the pricing

Looking at the costs of the photo booths will be a good idea. This is because you can find a good photo booth provider, but you will not be in a position to pay for the photo booths. It is advisable you choose a provider with prices that are within your budget.…


If you have been in the photography field, you will admit that it is not always a smooth ride. Not satisfying the clients is sometimes a situation most photographers face in their career. However, some of these challenges do not make you an inferior photographer as seasoned experts meet them as well. So, can they be prevented? The best part is that they can. This is why we have gathered the common challenges photographers face and the possible solutions to them.

High cost of photography equipment

photographerWell, the best camera on the market will definitely leave a hole in your pockets. This is not to mention the cost of buying the best lens sets for different weather conditions. Further, setting up a mobile photo booth can also be costly.

Most photographers have always complained that all the equipment in the business costs them a fortune. However, those who have a better saving plan does strain when buying these sets of equipment. Further, you can get a plan to finance your dream camera if there is a financing institution offering this.

Not knowing which software and tools to use

The market is flooded with a plethora of photography tools. Some are reliable while others are not. Most photographers pick the wrong tools, especially if they are starters and end up doing a poor job. However, some research and knowledge of what you need to achieve with the tools can be a great start point.

When you choose the best photography studio management software, then you increase your chances of prospering in your career. It helps you organize the studio in a better way, especially if you are always on the move. Most people have succeeded and you can follow suit by settling for the best technology.

Market competition

It is worth noting that photography is a field with numerous professionals who are always looking forward to making some money out of it. However, the still competition should not derail you in any way. People who get scared of facing this challenge may suppress their passion for making a breakthrough in the photography. There are so many avenues of making money in the career. They include celebrity photo shoots, events covering, street photos, adventure photos and many more. Some personal photographs can be sold online for public use especially if you have a website to do so.

Dealing with unsatisfied clients

photography editingCovering a client’s event will always make you worried until they accept the work and appreciate it. However, it will not always be like this at all times. Sometimes, photographers encounter clients who are not happy with the work. A photo moment that makes most of your clients happy may turn lackluster to another. The best thing is to give a listening ear and edit the photo where possible. You can also offer a free photo shoot to the client if the damage is too much. You must do what it takes to safeguard your work at all times.


Knowing how to deal with different challenges in a photography career is a critical part of your career. Some give up when faced with challenges while others take it as a learning lesson and move on. You can prevent some of these challenges from hitting you where possible.…


For most people, the day begins inevitably with a laptop and equally ends with one although it is meant for personal use. Most businesses today thrive on laptops. Colleges and schools have also made it mandatory for students to use laptops. Laptops are universally indispensable, and technology keeps on changing which makes it difficult to adopt newer technology. In such situations when the latest technology has a pivotal role for organization decision makers and students, laptop rental will offer the latitude to use the best available resources. There are some scenarios in which renting laptops gives a reasonable and quick solution. Some of these reasons are listed below.

Temporary offices

Renting laptops is an ideal alternative when you need to set up a temporary office more so when your company is into hiring or is undertaking some training sessions at various locations. You do not need to buy laptops for all these locations but rather rent because this will be cheaper.technologyrightsfdcxhbk

Business Start-up

When starting a business, you obviously have limited cash flow. This cash can be used in other areas like paying employees’ salaries hence leasing a laptop is a viable option to cut down expenses. Maintenance and service of laptops are easier since the rental company will take the responsibility.


As a way of increasing security, most airlines need travelers to check-in laptops and make them vulnerable to theft. It can be a way to steal confidential data on your laptop or lifting important details like bank account passwords. Laptops hired at your travel destination are safe.

Short-term project

Laptop rental for an offshore assignment is an excellent way of going about it since the companies get relieved of bearing expenses of purchasing equipment for interim use.

Summer camps

There are situations when playing games is the main exercise and engaging children in different activities is part of this program but for a short period. Such instances call for laptop rental.


technologyleftsagdhfvbgkStudents have a niche use for a limited period. It, therefore, makes sense to rent laptops for one as it saves on the cost of investment when they have to spend the money in paying tuition fee, making lodging arrangements or buying reference materials. According to the university specifications, the laptops may be acquired and used for CAD or art and may not be used when the complete making hiring the laptops a suitable option for students.

These are some of the situations that call for laptop rental rather than purchasing a new laptop.…