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Smokers have got their different tastes and preferences based on factors as smoking experience. We all have got different capabilities and some people instead of thinking about how they have to maintain a glass bong may think about purchasing a new one. Smoking out of a dirty bong has got lots of disadvantages. There is a decreased or no filtration, and also there is a quality reduction in the taste of whatever product you may be using. A well-maintained glass bong has got a low level of bacteria. Maintaining glass bongs include:


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Perhaps this is the most obvious reason for maintaining a bong. We have got numerous ways of cleaning a bong. You can use the homemade remedy of cleaning glass using alcohol and also by using coarse salt. The cleaner the glass bong is, the shinier it becomes and also more pleasant new look. Cleaning is an activity that every glass bong smoker has to adapt with to not only maintain it but also look at the health effects of the users.

Use filtered water to fill your bong

The unfiltered spring and tap water normally contain some mineral contents in them. Practically, when you open old pipe taps you happen to see brown clogging stains on their inside which are always difficult to remove due to the mineral content. Filtration removes the mineral contents in the spring and tap water. The same way when you fill your bong with unfiltered spring and tap water, it tends to leave brown stain marks on the sides which are always difficult to clean. Most importantly even when cleaning the glass bong then use filtered water if you have.

Constantly altering water

We have got molds which scientifically tend to thrive in a moist environment. Mould stains are more rigorous than the brown water stains as they are more difficult and gross to remove. As we put it, prevention is better than cure. Changing water inside your bong on a frequent basis and conducting a thorough cleaning also on a regular basis will help save you the hassle and bustle of trying to remove the problematic mold stains.


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Whether using your glass bong or not using, it is essential to store it in a secure place from danger safely. Any imminent touch or drop on a glass bong highly increases the chances of breaking. The glass bongs come in hand with their hard cases and bong bags which are their ideal storage places.…